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Latest FGM statistics released

5 July, 2017

Latest FGM statistics released

The government needs to ‘renew its focus’ on stopping FGM, says the RCM as new figures are released.

There were 5391 newly recorded cases of FGM reported in England last year, according to statistics from NHS Digital.

It is the second publication of annual FGM statistics, which show 9179 attendances in the same period, where FGM was identified or a medical procedure for FGM was undertaken.
Women and girls born in Somalia account for more than a third of the newly recorded cases of FGM with a known country of birth. 

Of the newly recorded cases, 112 involved women and girls who were born in the UK and in 57 cases the FGM was undertaken in the UK. 

Janet Fyle, RCM professional policy advisor, said: ‘We are still seeing far too many cases of FGM and one case of FGM is still one case too many.
‘While these statistics are very useful they become meaningless if we are not providing the services these women need. 

‘Too often we are seeing services being closed which means that many survivors of FGM cannot get the support they need.
‘I remain concerned about the lack of access to community based FGM services, especially for non-pregnant women, many of whom may not necessarily access services within hospitals.’
She concluded: ‘The government must also renew its focus in this area given the number of girls at risk of FGM in England, and all of us involved in ending FGM must not slacken our efforts.’

The report also shows 123 NHS trusts and 74 GP practices submitted one or more FGM attendance record in 2016-17. 

 Almost half of all cases relate to women and girls from the London NHS Commissioning Region and 139 girls were reported as being aged under 18 at the time of their first attendance.

To read the full report, click here.

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