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Hunt says more flexible working for NHS

1 December, 2016

Hunt says more flexible working for NHS

The RCM has welcomed the health secretary’s speech, in which he said more flexible working is needed in the NHS. 

Jeremy Hunt today made the statement yesterday (30 November) when addressing the NHS Providers annual conference.

He highlighted flexible working, e-rostering, motivation, morale and leadership in his speech to delegates.
The MP said: ‘If we are to recruit and then retain a motivated workforce in the future, we need to ensure that the NHS keeps pace with the times and recognises the need for flexible working that allows better work-life balance. 

‘In the most recent staff survey only half of all NHS staff was satisfied with the opportunities available for flexible working.’
Jon Skewes, RCM director for policy, employment relations and communication, said the RCM welcomes the comments ‘particularly his acknowledgment of the need for flexible working for NHS staff’. 

He continued: ‘We hope that these remarks will be translated into swift action and better, more flexible working conditions not only for midwives, but for all NHS staff.
‘Over 99% of midwives are women and the vast majority are parents trying to balance working 12 hour shifts in a 24/7 service with childcare. 

‘This can make childcare very difficult and expensive which is why access to flexible working is so important. It is such a false economy for the NHS to deny midwives flexible working because the NHS will end up losing their skills and experience altogether.’

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