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Call to guarantee right to remain for EU workers

1 March, 2017

Call to guarantee right to remain for EU workers


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The TUC has today published a regional breakdown of where NHS and adult social care services are most reliant on healthcare workers from the EU.

The analysis highlights that 145,200 NHS and adult social care workers in England risk losing their right to live and work in the UK after Brexit.

It says services in London, South East and East of England potentially at risk with the loss of these vital frontline staff.

Last year the RCM obtained official figures showing that in England the equivalent of 1192 full-time NHS midwives from other EU countries.

In London alone, more than 16% of the total midwifery workforce come from other EU countries.
Jon Skewes, RCM director for policy, employment relations and communications, said: ‘To leave hardworking frontline NHS staff in limbo with regard to their future employment rights is an absolute disgrace. 

‘There will undoubtedly be a gaping hole in the NHS and our maternity services if the working rights of our EU healthcare colleagues are revoked post Brexit.
‘England already has a shortage of 3500 midwives – and this could get even worse if EU midwives lose the right to work in this country. To lose over 1000 midwives will impact hugely on an already understaffed, overstretched and struggling maternity service.’
He added: ‘Today the RCM once again joins with the TUC to call on the government to guarantee that EU midwives and healthcare workers living and working in the UK will have the right to remain post Brexit.’

Theresa May has said she wants a deal on the status of EU citizens in the UK. But only if a reciprocal agreement is reached with the remaining 27 member states about the rights of those from the UK in their countries.

A Department of Health spokesman the government has 'repeatedly made clear, overseas workers form a crucial part of our NHS and we value their contribution immensely’.

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