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Breastfeeding campaign launched

2 November, 2015

Breastfeeding campaign launched

Public Heath England has today (2 November) launched a Start4Life campaign to encourage more mothers to breastfeed in public. 

Start4Life also released findings of its most recent survey to coincide with the launch of a new series of animated short films that support the campaign for breastfeeding in public.

The poll shows that more than a third of breastfeeding mothers shy away from breastfeeding in public, with 21% feeling people do not want them to breastfeed in public.

RCM’s Professional Policy Advisor Janet Fyle said: ‘There has been significant and reliable evidence produced over recent years to show that breastfeeding has important health advantages for both baby and mother.

‘The RCM believes that breastfeeding is the best way to get the baby off to a good start in life and has a positive impact on mother- baby relationships and bonding.

‘Women breastfeeding should not be made to feel uncomfortable or guilty wherever they chose to breastfeeding.

‘The Equality Act 2010 makes it illegal for anyone to ask a breastfeeding woman to stop breastfeeding, or cover up or leave a public place, such as a cafe, shop or on public transport.’

She added that it is important that women have access to skilled advice and support to help them to initiate and sustain breastfeeding.

‘With the continuing shortage of midwives in England sometimes the NHS struggles to give women the advice and help around breastfeeding that they need and deserve,’ she said.

For more information on the new Start4Life campaign, click here.

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