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Baby box study results

22 May, 2017

Baby box study results

Giving new parents baby boxes could help to saves lives, according to the results of research.

A team from Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia said face-to-face information sessions and the distribution of baby boxes had reduced bed-sharing rates by 25% during the first eight days of life.
The research was carried out in North Philadelphia – an area with high levels of deprivation and one of the highest infant mortality rates in the US.

Data was gathered data from 2763 new mothers as part of the study and the findings were presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting in San Francisco.

Of the mothers who received the baby boxes in the study, a majority said they used the box as a sleeping place for their infants.

A total of 12% said they used the box as the primary or usual sleeping space for their infants.

Of the mothers who exclusively breastfed and also used the box as a sleeping space, 59% said the box made breastfeeding easier.

Megan Heere, lead investigator, said: ‘We are pleased with the results of this first-of-its-kind study. 

‘Future studies are needed to determine if the effect of this intervention is sustainable through the first six to 12 months of life, and if this intervention can significantly reduce the incidence of sleep-related death in large populations over time.’

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