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‘Staying is better for the NHS, midwives and women’

23 June, 2016

‘Staying is better for the NHS, midwives and women’

RCM chief executive Cathy Warwick yesterday (22 June) joined David Cameron for the final push before the referendum.

They travelled across England visiting health venues ahead of today’s EU referendum vote.

She spoke at rallies and events alongside the prime minister, Caroline Lucas and Harriet Harman, among others. 

In April the RCM first announced its support of remaining in the EU.

It argues that being part of the EU has led to better working conditions and will ensure these remain in place.

These benefits include equal pay for women, a guarantee that pregnant women get paid time off to attend antenatal appointments, minimum holiday entitlements, maternity rights and protection for those working part-time.

Cathy said: ‘There are clear and positive reasons why the EU is good for pregnant women, for working people and the NHS.

‘Free European Health Insurance Cards, for example, mean we can access emergency medical treatment in other European countries.

‘Pregnant women can also use the cards for routine maternity care, and if they give birth early and unexpectedly it also covers the medical costs of birth.’

She also outlined the ‘huge economic implication’ of leaving and said it would affect both NHS workers and users.

Cathy concluded: ‘To me, the benefits of staying in and the risks of leaving are both crystal clear. Staying in is better for the NHS, it is better for women, and it is better for midwives. We are better off in.’

There are over 33,000 midwives and nurses from other EU countries working in the NHS.

EU rules mean that they must have training and skills equal to UK trained staff. This helps to ensure high standards and good quality care in our NHS.

Healthcare colleagues from across the EU also help to fill the vacancies on our maternity units and wards.

For more information on the RCM backing the remain campaign, click here. To read a blog by Jon Skewes, RCM director for policy, employment relations and communications, click here.

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