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‘RCM welcomes CNO commission report on widening participation in midwifery education and careers’

6 December, 2017

‘RCM welcomes CNO commission report on widening participation in midwifery education and careers’

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has today welcomed new report by the Chief Nursing Officers Commission on widening participation in Nursing, Midwifery, Education and Careers. RCM Scotland contributed actively to the commission group and the report.

The report also recognises the current challenges being experienced in Scotland with a falling number of midwives due to a high rate of retirals.

Responding to the report, Mary Ross-Davie the Royal College of Midwives(RCMs) Director for Scotland said; “The RCM welcomes  the recommendations of the commission that seek to ensure that midwifery programmes are accessible for a wider section of our population: firstly, through developing routes through which maternity support workers are able to access pre registration midwifery programmes. Secondly the reintroduction of shortened pre registration midwifery programme in Scotland for registered nurses.

“We are pleased to see the recommendations that return to practice courses for previous midwives to return to the profession receive continued support and that the Nursing and Midwifery bursary should continue: adequate financial support for student midwives that does not leave newly qualified midwives with a burden of debt is a vital element in attracting and retaining students and new midwives in the profession.

“The RCM’s hope is that the Commission’s recommendations will be acted upon and will result in a growing number of men and women from diverse backgrounds and parts of Scotland choosing to enter the exciting and hugely rewarding career of midwifery.”


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