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‘RCM highlights EU workers, maternity discrimination and public sector pay restraint at TUC women’s conference’

8 March, 2017

‘RCM highlights EU workers, maternity discrimination and public sector pay restraint at TUC women’s conference’

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The Trade Union Congress (TUC) Women’s Conference takes place in London this week (Wednesday 8th March – Friday March 10th).

The motions the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) have put forward for this year are as follows:

  • Motion 5 ‘Right to Remain for EU Staff’.
  • Motion 28 ‘Supporting workers during the menopause’.

The RCM will  second motion 19 ‘Breastfeeding: A Human Right’ and will speak across the course of the conference in support of various motions including, motion 19 ‘Putting an End to Pregnancy Discrimination’ and motion 24 ‘Widening Gender Inequality’.

Commenting, Amy Leversidge Employment Relations Advisor at the RCM says; “The RCM campaigned to remain in the EU, while the outcome was not what we had hoped we do respect the outcome of the referendum.

“We are now looking to the future and what this means for NHS staff. We must protect existing workers in the NHS who come from other EU countries. The RCM is working with the Cavendish Coalition (a group of trade unions, employers and NHS stakeholders) and we are calling for EU workers in the NHS to be granted the right to remain.

“In England we remain 3,500 midwives short and the Government should be doing everything they can to close the shortage. To leave hardworking EU midwives in limbo about their working rights post Brexit is simply unacceptable.”

On the RCM’s second motion ‘Supporting workers during the menopause’, Amy Leversidge says; “The RCM is calling on the TUC Women’s Conference to campaign for affiliate unions to do more to help support women at work during the menopause.

The TUC has published excellent guidance on this, as has the RCM. When the RCM published our guidance it quickly became one of our most popular publications. Not surprising, given that in 2016 over 47% of midwives in England were 45 or older and working in the NHS is so physically, mentally and emotionally demanding.”

“The RCM will also support motion 24 ‘Widening Gender Inequality’ calling for the Government to reform the policies which have driven gender inequality and Public sector pay restraint.

“Continued public sector pay restraint hits women harder and reduces the value of pay for women’s professions because of the majority of workers in the public sector are women.

Public sector pay restraint reduces the value of women in society. If the Government want to say they value women, they want an economy that works for everyone, they need to put it into action and give the public sector a fair pay rise.”


More details on the TUC’s Women’s Conference 2017 are available here:



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