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Meet the new RCM Board

22 September, 2011

Meet the new RCM Board

After weeks of voting, the names of the new RCM board members have been announced and a new chapter in the RCM's governance begins. Here are the select 12... Midwives magazine: Issue 6 :: 2011
After weeks of voting, the names of the new RCM board members have been announced and a new chapter in the RCM’s governance begins. Here are the select 12...



What’s the most pressing issue the RCM faces over the next year?


What’s the most interesting or unique fact about you?


If you could invite anyone to dinner (alive or dead), who would it be?

Rosemary Exton
A_We need to fight to enable
midwives to provide high-quality, one-to-one care.
B_I work at EU level and across the world demonstrating the link between frontline staff involvement and performance.
C_NHS chief executive David Nicholson and a group of other frontline midwives, so I can’t promise him a comfortable evening!

Lesley Page
A_Making sure there are enough midwives with the right conditions to do their work well, and with fair and equal reward.
B_My unique range of experience that includes practical, clinical, academic, management and leadership work.
C_My mother - there are so many things we didn’t have the time to talk about.

Barbara Kuypers
A_The current health reforms will have a big impact, and the profession may have to be both sure-footed and nimble in response.
B_When I was ten days old, I had a pyloroplasty and the community midwife looking after my mother referred us to hospital - she essentially saved my life.
C_Eddie Izzard for pure entertainment, and a mix of friends and family.

Paul Lewis
A_The RCM must ensure it has a strong relationship with all UK midwives, and engage and involve them, while promoting their unique role.
B_I have a strong sense of moral justice and believe we should strive to value difference and see it as a necessary force for change.
C_My parents, who sadly died over 35 years ago. I would love to share with them my enjoyment of life.

Patricia Gillen
A_The need to secure more midwives so that all women and babies can have one-to-one care in labour.
B_I was born in Brooklyn, New York, which may explain my love of bagels and cream cheese!
C_Rosa Parks, an African-American who, in 1955, was brave enough to refuse to give up her bus seat to a white passenger.

Corina Casey-Hardman
A_To address the unrest and fear felt by midwives due to the financial pressures, integration of services, job losses, and freezing of salaries.
B_I share my birthday with my tennis hero Bjorn Borg, who I would love to meet.
C_I’m going to settle for Will Smith as I think he would be a very entertaining and lively guest.

Marie McDonald
A_Finding the magic formula to retain quality in maternity services against a backdrop of reduced NHS funding and efficiency savings.
B_That might be the gold medal for ballroom dancing.
C_The Queen – the only topic would be the weekly meetings with the prime ministers throughout her reign.

Christina McKenzie
A_Setting and delivering a strategy that demonstrates the value of midwives to women, employers
and governments.
B_I discovered the easiest way to get into Glyndebourne was to have both bunions done simultaneously so I needed a wheelchair.
C_Charles Rennie MacIntosh and William Morris for interior design advice and Ollie Smith and Jay Raynor for fun.

Donna Ockenden
A_To support members and colleagues outside the RCM to deliver high-quality maternity care in this harsh economic setting.
B_I lived abroad for much of my childhood because of my dad’s job and have revisited and practised midwifery in many of these countries.
C_Queen Elizabeth I - one of the greatest monarchs our country has ever had.

Anna Shasha
A_To ensure we have the right numbers of midwives and that we achieve the correct ratio of midwife to mother.
B_I’m half Irish and half Arabic and have blonde hair and blue eyes, which often throws people when they see my name.
C_My paternal grandfather, who died when I was a young child and would be able to tell me about my heritage.

Carole Garrick
A_The issues which stem from the changes in the health and social bill and what the changes in commissioning will mean for midwifery.
B_I think I’m very intuitive or good
at investigating problems, which initially developed from my career as a police officer.
C_I would love to have Reginald and Catherine Hamlin, who founded the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa.

Vanessa Shand
A_Pensions. We have suffered a pay freeze, a cut in jobs and increase in workload and stress: we may now have to work longer to get less.
B_A few years ago I was on a prime-time TV quiz show. What an experience that was…
C_My mum. She instilled in me the virtues of honesty, integrity, fairness, loyalty and self-worth, with lots of laughter along the way.

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