Midwives begin voting on latest Welsh Government pay offer

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Midwives and maternity support workers (MSWs) across Wales begin voting on the Welsh Government’s pay offer today. This comes as the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) pay consultation for its members working in the NHS in Wales opens, closing on 15 May. The RCM is recommending that is members accept the offer saying that this is a good deal and the best offer that can be achieved.

Vicky Richards, the RCM’s National Officer for Wales, said: “The RCM along with other health unions negotiated hard to get a better deal for our members. It is not perfect and not everything we asked for. However, the offer now on the table is a good and fair deal for both NHS staff and the Welsh Government and is a considerable improvement on the previous one. There are also important and positive non-pay elements to the deal that will have a positive impact on the working lives of our members. Getting this deal was only possible because midwives, MSWs, and their NHS colleagues across Wales were prepared to stand up and take action for better care for women, better working conditions, and better pay.

“We are recommending our members accept this offer. However, it is they who must decide whether to accept or reject it, and it is now over to them to have their say.”

The consultation follows the announcement last week of a new and revised pay offer from the Welsh Government. This ‘enhanced’ offer for 2022/23 adds an extra average 3% 'recovery fee' payment on top of a 5.5% consolidated pay increase for 2022/23, plus a non-consolidated 1.5% on top backdated to April 2022. Payment of this will be dependent on acceptance of the offer by health unions. The 2023/24 offer is a 5% consolidated pay increase.

The deal also pulls through elements from the earlier pay deal including a commitment from the Welsh Government to look at restoring pay to 2008 levels. The Welsh Government has also committed to discuss the pay offer if extra money for pay is given to Wales by the Westminster Government through the Barnett Formula. However, this is dependent on any eventual pay settlement in England.

There are also promises from the Welsh Government around issues that RCM members have concerns about, including unsocial hours allowance and flexible working. Alongside this there are pledges to look at staffing levels to address growing shortages, more flexible working, and a commitment to look at reducing working hours with no loss of pay.



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Notes to Editor 

The RCM has around 1500 members eligible to vote in the consultation in Wales.

More details on the pay offer can be seen at Written Statement: NHS Pay award enhancement for 2022/2023 and pay award for 2023/24 Agenda for Change staff (20 April 2023) | GOV.WALES.

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