RCM members in Scotland vote to accept pay offer

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Members of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) in Scotland have voted to accept the Scottish Government’s pay offer to NHS staff which will see the majority of NHS workers receive a 4% pay increase.

The negotiated offer is ‘significant and early’ and meets the asks of the RCM’s ‘Deliver a Decent Deal’ campaign with the increase backdated to December 2020.

The RCM met with other Scottish NHS trade unions this morning to communicate the results of individual ballots/consultations and we will now inform the Scottish Government of our acceptance of the offer and wish for it to be implemented quickly.

Commenting Jackie Mitchell, RCM’s National Officer for Scotland said: “The majority of our members who responded to the consultation in Scotland have voted to accept this negotiated pay offer. Crucially for us this pay increase will be backdated and will give our hard-working midwives and maternity staff the pay rise they deserve. We are now calling for the Scottish Government to implement this pay deal as a matter of urgency and we will be writing to the new Health Secretary asking for this to be done without delay.”


The RCM’s consultation which closed on Monday saw 77% of the RCM members who voted choosing to accept the offer. The majority of Scotland’s Trade Unions and NHS staff have also voted to accept the headline pay offer of 4%.


Jon Skewes, Executive Director of External Relations at the RCM and one of the NHS Unions lead negotiators said:

“The Scottish Government have again led the way with a fair and decent pay rise for NHS workers. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Boris’s Johnsons’ Government. Our members in England are still reeling from the measly Government recommendation of a 1% pay rise and we continue to campaign in Wales and Northern Ireland for better.The RCM have worked hard negotiating and campaigning to get to this point for our members so it’s a good day not only for RCM members, but all NHS staff in Scotland. The Scotland pay increase meets the core asks of our pay campaign, ‘significant and early.’

“The Scottish Government have proved they value NHS staff with a significant and backdated pay increase that is affordable, so let’s do the same for midwives, maternity support workers and all NHS workers across the UK.”



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