RCM welcomes new midwifery supervision model in England

By RCM on 02 March 2017 Midwifery Supervision NHS England

Today NHS England has written to every midwife outlining the new model of midwifery supervision. The full model will be published on the 1st April this year. Commenting on the new model, Cathy Warwick, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), said: “This is a significant development and an important change for midwives.

“Since the announcement to remove supervision the RCM has worked collaboratively  to ensure that across the UK any new model retains those elements considered important to retain outside a  statutory and regulatory framework.

“We welcome the introduction of the A-EQUIP model of non statutory supervision in England. It will ensure that the supportive and developmental aspects of supervision which are so critical to the safe, high quality care of women remain in place.

“The RCM has always been concerned that a system which is not required in statute will be implemented in an ad-hoc way, and will be particularly vulnerable at a time when there is pressure on resources.   It is therefore particularly positive to see that commissioning guidance will require NHS maternity services to have the A-EQUIP model in place.

“We know that health care services that demonstrably support and develop their staff achieve better quality of care for their patients. The RCM hopes that midwives, maternity services and ultimately women and their babies will benefit from the introduction of this new model.”

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