Important moment for Scotland’s maternity services says RCM

By RCM on 22 February 2017 Scotland Scottish Maternity Services

Today the Scottish Government responded to the recent publication of the Scottish National Review of Maternity and Neonatal Services. Commenting on the Scottish Government response, the RCM’s Director for Scotland Mary Ross-Davie, said: “This is a significant and important moment for maternity services in Scotland, and this announcement re-emphasises that. I am heartened by the Government’s response and their commitment to providing the best possible care to mothers, babies and their families.

“We already have very good, world class maternity services in Scotland. If we can implement the recommendations in the maternity review with the right resources and staffing, then we will have maternity services that are among the best, if not the best, in the world. 

“I am also pleased to see that the maternity review Chair, Jane Grant will chair the implementation group. This provides consistency and a high level of understanding of the issues and goals of the review. The RCM is looking forward to working closely with the chair to support the implementation of the review.

“I think it is also important that the Scottish Government is showing that they are committed to funding this process.  They recognise that the key to making this work is ensuring that we have the right workforce in the right place at the right time.

“Getting care right at the start of life can be incredibly beneficial in the long term for both the mother and baby. Scotland faces many health challenges and resourcing maternity and neonatal care properly will in the long term go a long way to help solve them”

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