‘East Sussex Healthcare NHS trust commit to improving maternity services for women andmidwives’

By RCM on 01 December 2016 Caring For You campaign Caring For You Charter NHS Women Midwives Wellbeing Of Women

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has become the latest trust with maternity services in the south of England to commit to the Royal College of Midwives Caring for You campaign charter.

The charter is part of RCMs newest health and wellbeing campaign.

Commenting, Claire Livingstone RCMs regional officer for the South of England says; “A recent survey of RCM members from across the UK conducted by the RCM revealed that they were really feeling burnt out and overworked, we know that this is happening due to the increase in demands being placed on them at work. The shortage of midwives particularly in England means our members are working harder than ever before and often without adequate breaks, all this can have a significant effect on their health.”

Cathy O’Callaghan Interim Head of Midwifery said, “Our maternity staff does a magnificent job delivering over 3,200 babies each year.  We are committed to offering them the right support to enable them to do their jobs, so it gives me great pleasure to sign the charter. Working with the Royal College of Midwives on this campaign will strengthen the fact that we want staff to feel valued and looked after in the workplace.”

Kelly Simpson community midwife and RCM steward said; “It’s fantastic news that East Sussex have signed the Caring for You Charter. We know that well rested and healthy staff can provide better care for women and their babies. I’m looking forward to working with the maternity team to achieve a better sense of well being amongst all maternity staff.”

The Royal College of Midwives’ Caring for You Campaign aims to improve RCM members’ health, safety and wellbeing at work so they are able to provide high quality maternity care for women and their families. 

We are asking all NHS organisations to support Heads of Midwifery in the UK to sign up to the RCM’s Caring for You Charter to show their commitment to improving midwives’; student midwives’; and maternity support workers’ health, safety and wellbeing at work so they are able to give even better care for women and their families.

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