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Maternity Support Worker Month

Maternity Support Worker Month

Introducing Maternity Support Worker (MSW) Month - November 2017


"The RCM -  Supporting Support Workers"



The Royal College of Midwives’ is pleased to announce MSW Month which will be launched at this year’s RCM Conference. And take place throughout November 2017.

Our month of activity and celebrations sets out to encourage all RCM Branches, our Workplace Reps and our members to work together to host local MSW focused events during the month of November.

Celebrating the Support Worker Role…

We want Support Workers in Maternity to be seen as an integral part of the Maternity Team as well as our Union and Professional Organisation.

The RCM welcomes Support Workers including MSW’s, HCA’s, MA’s, Community Support Worker’s, Nursery Nurses or those in Clerical or Administration Roles in Maternity into membership and to get more involved in our organisation. You can find out more information on our MSW Category of membership here.

This will be an opportunity for us to celebrate the role and encourage many more Support Workers to join us and be part of our growing RCM membership of Support Workers in Bands 1-4.

How are you celebrating MSW Month?

Our Members, Branches and Workplace reps are planning activities to take place during November to celebrate the Support Worker role in the Maternity setting; this could be a study day, MSW Awards Ceremony, recruitment event, tea party or community event.

Do make sure you get involved and help make this high profile month of activity a success.

Please let us know the details of your event so that we can promote this and also support with RCM Staff attendance on the day, you can do this via survey monkey here:



Get Social Media Active!

We’ll be asking our members to be active on social media to tell the world of Maternity (and beyond) that “I ♥ being a Support Worker in Maternity because……….”

We’ll be using the following hashtags to promote our events and local workplace activities and to acknowledge the support we offer to MSW’s throughout the month of November, please use both where possible so we can maximise our profile as much as possible.




A Guide for Branches, MSW Advocates and WPR’s for getting active and planning events can be downloaded here.

Stuck for ideas? Our events and messaging ideas generator can be downloaded here.

Download our MSW Month Events Template Poster here.

Workplace Reps and Branches can order promotion materials on our Storefront, information here.

You can download information and resources on Maternity Support Worker membership here:

For more information please contact us on mswmonth@rcm.org.uk or speak to your National/Regional Officer or Organiser.