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Looking for an alternative type of membership?

Looking for an alternative type of membership?

If our core membership categories are not right for you, our alternative memberships include:

  • Full joint

Suitable for midwife lecturers who are also members of another professional body or trade union (such as UCU) representing midwife lecturers with which the RCM has an arrangement for joint membership.

  • Associate

Suitable for those no longer in professional practice as a midwife or nurse in the UK who have previously been a full and/or student member of the RCM for at least 5 years. UK or overseas. 

  • Special category associate

Suitable for midwives who are also a full member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and wish to benefit from membership of both organisations. 

  • International

Suitable for midwives outside the UK whose registration has lapsed or who are not currently registered with the NMC but have a recognised midwifery qualification and are registered with a relevant responsible or statutory body (recognised as such by the director for midwifery of the RCM) in their country of employment or residence.

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  • Retired

Suitable for those who previously held full membership for a minimum of 15 years and who have ceased to be actively employed by virtue of retirement, have access to their NHS pension or due to early retirement recognised by employers and who are not engaged in paid employment of any kind.

  • Affiliate

For those based in the UK or overseas who have not, and never have been, registered or qualified as a midwife but have an interest/involvement in the care of childbearing women and the newborn. Those that choose this category will receive paperless information only and will have access to all our online resources except i-learn and i-folio.

This category is suitable for those that are interested in becoming either a midwife or becoming a member of the midwifery team.

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  • Honorary

An honorary member is a member who was admitted as such before 10 May 2005.

Benefits include: 

* Eligible for the period in which the member was a full member of the RCM

 Full jointAssociateSpecial category associateInternationalEnhanced internationalAffiliateRetired
Midwives magazine
Employment relations advice & representation**   *
Legal advice**   
Medical malpractice cover   
i-learn & i-folio  
Clinical practice & guidelines
24-hour helpline
(International members will need to ring 00 44 207 312 3535)
Library and database searches

Subscription costs:

CategoryCost per monthCost annually

Full joint






Special category associate




To find out the subscription rate for your country, please contact us.








*International membership subscription rates are offered based upon your country of practice income rates.


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