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Lansinoh Laboratories

Lansinoh Laboratories

This year Lansinoh is celebrating 15 years within the UK, having marked its 30-year global anniversary in 2014.  Earlier this year Lansinoh celebrated becoming an RCM Alliance Partner and welcomes the opportunity to work closely with the RCM’s midwife, student and maternity support worker members.

Lansinoh undertakes regular surveys with pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.  The 2016 survey highlighted that health professionals’ experience and knowledge of breastfeeding and the solutions they are able to offer mothers during challenging times, is highly valued by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers (Lansinoh, 2016).

It is widely accepted that there are long and short-term health benefits associated with breastfeeding for mothers and babies, with known reductions in the risk of illness (Lancet Breastfeeding Series, 2016).  However breastfeeding challenges are common and for many mothers the problem is persistent and can lead to early cessation of breastfeeding (WHO, 2016, Lancet Breastfeeding Series, 2016).

Lansinoh UK provides products and information for health professionals to help mothers to initiate and sustain breastfeeding. The effectiveness of its natural nipple cream in easing the discomfort of damaged nipples during lactation, alongside breastfeeding education, is demonstrated by clinical research (Abou-Dakn et al, 2011).


RCM partnership

Through the RCM partnership, Lansinoh Laboratories wishes to develop its understanding of breastfeeding practice amongst members and to work collaboratively to develop practice tools and research, to ensure products are fit for purpose and support the continuation of breastfeeding for as long as possible.

To support these developments, Lansinoh welcomes feedback from RCM members and suggestions for new resources and services, to promote key breastfeeding messages.

It is keen to continue support for RCM events, building on its involvement at The RCM Annual Conference and 2016 MSW Conference, which enabled Lansinoh to discuss ideas to support breastfeeding practice.

Lansinoh is proud to sponsor the Team of the Year Award and looks forward to rewarding, celebrating and sharing outstanding midwifery team achievements.

Lansinoh gained further valuable insight into the challenges that midwives across Europe face when supporting families to initiate and continue to breastfeed, at the recent European Midwives Association Conference, hosted by the RCM in London.


Continuous Professional Development Modules

Lansinoh and the Mum & Baby Academy have developed educational resources on new topics:  Cord clamping: the critical first few minutes was the first module, covering the benefits of delaying the timing of clamping the cord at birth. 

Lansinoh is excited to also offer a new CPD module exploring candidiasis and the discomfort and pain which it can cause breastfeeding mothers.  The module aims to help practitioners diagnose the condition promptly and provide advice to women to support breastfeeding continuation.



Copies of the CPD module are included in the Winter issue of Midwives magazine but can also be accessed here.





Breastfeeding Practitioner Information

Lansinoh is currently producing breastfeeding information which will help health professionals support breastfeeding mothers to continue for as long as they wish.

With this in mind, Lansinoh wants to ensure that health professionals understand how each product works and how to use them appropriately within the mother’s breastfeeding journey.  

For more information on Lansinoh’s ongoing support for healthcare professionals, click here.



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