When: 5 May 2020
Where: In maternity units across the nation

'Midwives with women: celebrate, demonstrate, mobilise, unite - our time is NOW!’, this year’s theme for International Day of the Midwife could not be more relevant and important than it is today. In the midst of this global pandemic, midwives have risen to this extraordinary challenge to support one another in the fight to protect women and babies.

While the times are tough, we need to be reminded of the overwhelming solidarity that has sprung from maternity units up and down the country. Retired midwives are once again donning their nametags and reuniting with colleagues; student midwives are picking up the baton and joining forces to support the maternity team; and the consistent members of staff, whatever the band, are pulling all efforts to provide excellent care.

We started 2020 in the International Year of the Midwife and every day has be a constant reminder of the invaluable care midwives provide. We hope to hit a peak crescendo of celebration on 5 May! While we are unable to hold celebratory events together, we’re taking everything online and encourage you to share your small but powerful moments of kindness and joy across social media too (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)!

We’ll be sharing as much as we can to join in the celebration and to spread the empowering solidarity of midwives across the nation.

**Please note while we encourage you to celebrate, it is important to continue social distancing to ensure the safety of yourselves, colleagues and women. We recommend you do not hold any face to face events and include this in any advertisement of your celebrations. We cannot support your celebrations if they do not adhere to the rules.**

Here's what we have to support you on the day:

Make sure your pics are being seen in the right places and add these hashtags: #IDM2020 #Midwives2020 #midwivesunite

Decorate your surroundings with our bright red or blue bunting. 

Download red bunting
Download blue bunting 

Add a bit more pizazz to your selfies with our selfie cards! You can write a positive message to let other midwives around the country know you’re in it together. Not all superheroes wear capes!

Download selfie card


It’s time to connect with your fellow branch or midwifery society by affiliating and building stronger collaborative midwifery networks. To win £1000 for a joint learning event you need to affiliate with a branch or mid soc and the winner will be pulled from those who affiliate. We know that most universities are closed so are extending the closing date to the end of November.

How you can affiliate with your local RCM Branch?

A university midwifery society may make an application to the RCM Branch Governance Committee seeking affiliation to one or more RCM branches in your area. To be eligible for affiliation 75% of the members of the midwifery society must be RCM members and the local student union should have agreed to it in writing.

The midwifery society should contact the local branch and appropriate RCM country director (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) or regional head in England, who will contact the branch(es) to establish whether the affiliation is acceptable. A request will then be made to the RCM Branch Governance Committee using a form bit.ly/RCMMidSoc to confirm the affiliation and have the affiliation recorded on the RCM membership database.


This year we have two packs available and each branch can order a maximum of 30 packs. Activists can order the goodie bags via Storefront here

Pack 1 – Canvas bag, enamel pin, nail file, BMI/gestational weeks calculator, Discussing weight in pregnancy guide, The bath-time tear off pad, Cotton Touch face and body lotion

Pack 2 – canvas bag, enamel pin, paddle fan, BMI/gestational weeks calculator, Discussing weight in pregnancy guide, The bath-time tear off pad, Cotton Touch face and body lotion

Please be advised that delivery times during this period may be longer than usual.

Virtual events can spur celebrations on a wider scale as you tap in online to great midwives across the country and even overseas. Here's a few virtual events coming up: 

  • The Bangladesh Midwifery Society are presenting on their learnings about the Young Midwife Leader Programme set up with the RCM for the Bangladeshi Midwives at the Virtual International Day of the Midwife Conference on the 5th May. The presentation is taking place at 7pm Bangladesh time which is 2pm UK time. Join here on 5 May.

  • The Nottingham Midwifery Society will be holding a full day of virtual activities to celebrate International Day of the Midwife starting at 10am on Tuesday 5 May. You can celebrate via MS Teams or their social media platforms. For a full programme of the days events and how you can join in click here 
  • RCM Scotland will be holding Clubbercise sessio on Tuesday 5 May from 18:30 - 19:15. This is a free event that only requires access to a phone, tablet, computer (with speakers) with internet. Register for the free zoom event and you will be sent the link for access. Click here for info on how to join.
  • The voice of midwives during the COVID-19 pandemic: WHO presentation on caring for women and newborns during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear the voices of midwifery leaders from around the world. This event is taking place from13:15 - 14:15 on Tuesday 5 May. For more info and how to join click here

Show your support for international Day of the Midwife. Print off and colour in one of the below templates. Put these in your window as we celebrate this significant day.

With special thanks to Imperial branch for this fantastic idea and original templates.

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3 

If your Branch has held a virtual event to celebrate International Day of the Midwife send your pictures/videos and a short paragraph about your celebration/event along with the name of your branch to idm.events@rcm.org.uk 

Every year since 1992 on 5 May the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) leads a day of global recognition and celebration of the work of midwives which is observed by more than 50 nations and co-ordinated by the ICM in partnership with its member organisations.

Find out more via the ICM here