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International Day of the Midwife 2017

International Day of the Midwife 2017

Celebrate International Day of the Midwife (IDM) May 5th 2017

International Day of the Midwife (IDM) is a day when midwives across the globe are celebrating.  Since it was launched 14 years ago, 5 May has been the internationally recognised day for highlighting the work of midwives.

The theme of IDM 2017 is Midwives, Mothers, Families.  Midwives around the world work hard every day to ensure mothers and their families receive the quality care that they deserve.

This year we are encouraging Midwives, MSWs and Student Midwives across the UK to hold externally facing events in support of IDM 2017.  We invite RCM Branches and Midwifery Societies to think about planning and holding an event locally to celebrate and promote midwifery in your area. 

Tell us about your event

If you have already organised your event, please send details to idm.events@rcm.org.uk. If not, you may need some ideas or tips for events or support in planning the event.  You might also consider arrangements for RCM Staff to attend on the day where possible.  

If you have any questions about the day please send an email to idm.events@rcm.org.uk

Promotion and Social Media

Share the message of International Day of the Midwife with Midwives, MSWs and Student Midwives:


IDM 2017 Competitions

The RCM are runing two competitions:

  • Best #IDM2017 Event competition - In keeping with the focus on celebrating IDM in a local way, this RCM competition offers a prize to each of the 10 England regions, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for the best photo of an IDM event.  
  • Great Midwifery Cake-Off 2017 - This is such a popular competition and shows how creative our members can be.  We will run this competition in the usual way with a prize for the most 'likes' on Facebook. 

We will be releasing further details and T&Cs for these competitions shortly.

RCM Charity of the Year: Woman's Aid

If you are considering holding a fund-raising event, you can choose to raise funds for any charity of your choice.  You might also like to consider making donations to our Charity of the Year, Women's Aid.


Tips on organising your event

If you have already organised your event, please send details to idm.events@rcm.org.uk

If you have not initated event planning, here are 6 steps that can be used as a guide to get you started on your event for the International Day of the Midwife.  

Examples of events

Ideas for externally facing activities might be:

  • Tea party with local user groups
  • Stall in the local shopping centre
  • Getting the Trust Board to walk around the unit;
  • Inviting a local celebrity 
  • Publicising babies born on IDM

Note: These examples of events are for guidance - if you have questions about the event you would like to host, please email idm.events@rcm.org.uk

Step 1: Planning 

  • Set your objectives and be clear on what you want your activity to achieve.
  • Decide who your main audience is: mothers and families, doctors, policy makers, students and etc.
  • Define your key messages for the day based on the theme.
  • Select your event organising committee, the more the merrier and the smaller the workload for one individual.
  • Identify and assign tasks.

Step 2: Choose an activity

  • Decide which activity or event will best support the achievement of your objective.
  • Keep it relevant for your audience.
  • Be creative, easily accessible, transparent and don’t forget: keep it fun!

Step 3: Pick a location

  • Decide where your event or activity is going to be.
  • Decide what time and possibly what day.
  • Book the location if necessary.
  • Ensure you have all necessary permits.

Step  4: Create the program

  • Decide what topics you will address, and make sure that the program supports the key messages of the day.
  • Determine the order of activities.
  • Set a timeframe for each activity and each speaker.
  • Invite and brief speakers.
  • Recruit additional staff such as ushers, photographers etc.

Step 5: Publicise your event 

  • Email idm.events@rcm.org.uk to let us know about your event
  • Start informing your audience well in advance and increase frequency as the event gets closer.
  • Send out an invitation to your target audience.
  • Promote your event through your social media channels, newsletters, website, posters and other channels.
  • Use traditional media to spread the word and invite selected journalists to your event.

Step 6 : Evaluate and follow-up  

  • Evaluate the success of your event and whether you achieved your objectives.
  • Collect the media coverage, save and share with your network. 
  • Contact the journalist(s) and thank them for their work.
  • Gather the participant data and send them a personal thank you note.
  • Identify follow-up steps such as next meeting with government officials, establishing (virtual) support groups for midwives or mothers, next article in a particular magazine or newspaper.
  • Write down lessons learned and share with your organising committee for next year.