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International Day of the Midwife 2017

International Day of the Midwife 2017

How are you celebrating IDM on May 5th 2017

International Day of the Midwife (IDM) is a day when midwives across the globe are celebrating. Since it was launched 14 years ago, 5 May has been the internationally recognised day for highlighting the work of midwives.


The theme of IDM 2017 is Midwives, Mothers, Families.  

Midwives around the world work hard every day to ensure mothers and their families receive the quality care that they deserve.  This year we are encouraging Midwives, MSWs and Student Midwives across the UK to hold externally facing events in support of IDM 2017.  We invite RCM Branches and Midwifery Societies to think about planning and holding an event locally to celebrate and promote midwifery in your area. We also encourage you to get involved in our competitions.


Tell us about your event

If you have already organised your event, please send details to idm.events@rcm.org.uk. If not, you may need some ideas or tips for events or support in planning the event.  You might also consider arrangements for RCM Staff to attend on the day where possible.  

Looking for information on what type of event to hold? Why not hold a Caring for You Tea Party. Click here for more information: www.rcm.org.uk/caring-for-you-tea-party.  Other examples can be found in our 6-step guide.

Looking for tips on how to plan your event? Click here for a 6-step guide to get you started on your IDM event.

What about promotion of your event? 


If you have any questions about the day please send an email to idm.events@rcm.org.uk


Download these resources to promote the event

Share the message of International Day of the Midwife with Midwives, MSWs and Student Midwives:


IDM 2017 Competitions

This year the RCM are runing two competitions:

The Great Midwifery Cake Off 2017

This is such a popular competition and asking our members to embrace their creative side and get baking to give birth to midwifery-inspired cakes.  If you put your cake on twitter using #RCMcakeoff we will retweet it. Entries by 3rd May 2017

For more details and T&C's of this competition, click here



Best #IDM2017 Event competition 

In keeping with the focus on celebrating IDM in a local way, this RCM competition offers a prize of £500 to each of the 10 England regions, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for the best photo of an IDM event. 

For more details and T&C's of this competition, click here


RCM Charity of the Year: Woman's Aid

Women's Aid is the RCM's chosen charity of the year, Women's Aid. Women’s Aid is the national charity for women and children working to end domestic abuse. 

If you have not considered holding a fund-raising event, you might also like to consider making donations to Women's Aid. Click here to find out how our members have been raising funds for our charity in different ways.   


About the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM)

The ICM established the idea of a day following suggestions and discussion among midwives’ associations in the late 1980s.  The first international day of the midwife was launched in 1992.

For more about the ICM, click here to visit their website.