The Midwives Manifesto

The Royal College of Midwives manifesto for the 2019 UK General Election

The RCM is contacting parliamentary candidates from across the country to ask them to support the calls we make in our manifesto. This page is where candidates can let us know if they support what we are calling for.

You can read the midwives manifesto in full here but each is summarised below. Candidates can let us know if they support each one by leaving their details then ticking the box next to each one of our priorities for the next Parliament.

You can also tweet us your support using the hashtag #midwivesmanifesto.

Read full blog from RCM CEO Gill Walton on the five things we want from the next parliament here.   

Our priorities for the next Parliament – do you agree with us?

1. Help our student midwives to make ends meet

The RCM is calling for a review of financial support for student midwives, with a commitment to increase that support. Student midwives deserve it, and if we do not do this we could soon be struggling to find the extra midwives the NHS desperately needs.

2. Review the resources that maternity services get

The RCM is calling for a root & branch review of the resources that maternity services need and a commitment to delivering the extra resources identified – with a minimum commitment to recruit an extra 2,500 midwives over the lifetime of the Parliament.


3. Champion midwifery leadership

The RCM is calling for the championing of midwifery leadership, both in the NHS and our universities. With more midwifery leadership and specialist roles we can drive improvements in care and deliver better care to the hundreds of thousands of women who give birth in England every year.

4. Give the people the final say on Brexit

The RCM is calling for a final say referendum on Brexit, with the option to stay in the EU on the ballot paper. This would be the cleanest, simplest way to decide this question.

5. Improve maternal mental health care

The RCM is calling for all NHS trusts in England to employ maternal mental health specialist midwives. This would ensure that the women who need good maternal mental healthcare get it. This must also form part of a wider review of the resources available nationwide to support and care for women with maternal mental healthcare needs.

The RCM is and has always been neutral in party politics and we work with politicians from across the political spectrum.