#MSWWeek2018 Success! – Strengthening, Supporting and Celebrating Support Workers in Maternity

By Nick Child, Senior Organiser (Networks) on 30 November 2018 MSWs - Maternity Support Workers

As the dust settles on our fantastic #MSWWeek2018 in November and we head into the holiday season, it’s time to reflect on the great success of our week of celebrations and events.

We had 107 workplace events registered across the UK and some of our Branches are continuing their activities well into November and December! This is a real success as we achieved the same number of events and engagement in one week compared to what we did through a whole month for November 2017!

With all this workplace activity and  ten very successful Regional & Country MSW Study Days across the UK we have reached out to thousands of support workers in maternity. Our MSW membership continues to grow and with an increasing number of MSW Advocates are being elected, who will act as a peer supporters and spokespeople for all support workers in maternity. 

Our social media campaign and reach was huge with so many of you sharing pictures of your excellent #MSWWeek2018 events far and wide on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

We have collectively shown appreciation through celebrating what MSWs do to support maternity teams, women and families.

In doing so we have broadened their knowledge of development and career advancement and most importantly shown them that we are the trade union and professional organisation to come to for support and representation at work.

Do have a look at our photo gallery below for a snapshot of some of our fantastic events from across the UK.

Please keep spreading the word to your colleagues and show appreciation for MSWs (whatever their job title!). Our very popular Valuing MSWs information booklet can be downloaded (and ordered from our Storefront) as a great resource for MSWs to find out about the support and resources available to them as well as how they can get involved in their RCM.

This has all only been possible with support from across our membership and on behalf of the RCM MSW Week Task and Finish Group we want to express a very big...