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Guidance for referees

Guidance for referees

The FRCM aims to create a body of support for the midwifery/maternity profession which could provide professional advice and intelligence, on practice, education, research, policy and women’s service provision.

FRCM are recognised leaders within their sphere of expertise in midwifery and maternity service. FRCM are midwives with a high profile and have the respect of their peers and who are willing to advocate on behalf of the RCM and the profession.

If you have been asked by a colleague to support their application you will need to feel confident that they meet the criteria.

It is worth keeping in mind some simple questions

  • Does the midwife demonstrate excellence in their particular field?
  • Does the midwife support and inspire others in their personal development?
  • Have you read and reviewed the midwife’s application form?
  • Are you willing to support the midwife’s application?
  • Do you feel confident the midwife’s application is appropriate?
  • Have you known the applicant for two years or more?

More information on the application process can be found here

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