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Working groups and committees

Working groups and committees

The RCM has many different working groups and committees. These include;

Consultant midwives group

Membership of the RCM consultant midwives group (CMG) is on an 'opting in' self-selection basis and there are at present over 36 members nationally.

The CMG meets four times a year at RCM headquarters, where a range of topics is discussed, including the role of the midwife in public health, clinical practice issues, education, research and audit. It aims to influence the national research and practice agenda.

Terms of reference enable consultant midwives to:

  • Access a confidential supportive learning environment
  • Have a collaborative focus
  • To inform, lead and influence the strategic health and social services changes and developments in the UK, which will impact on childbearing/families and midwifery.

Those eligible for membership of the group are consultant midwives who are members of the RCM or who are awaiting confirmation of RCM membership.

Email mervi.jokinen@rcm.org.uk for further information.


Heads of midwifery services (HOMS) advisory group

The group is open to members of the RCM who are:

  • HOMS or acting HOMS in England
  • Local supervising authority midwifery officers (LSAMOs)
  • Any other senior midwife representation to those partners or stakeholders influencing the national maternity policy agenda in agreement with the chair/deputy chair.

Meetings are held three times a year, two in London with one meeting in the North of England. An additional joint-leaders forum with HOMS is held once in the year.

Terms of reference are:

  • Where HOMS, expert and senior midwives can meet, to discuss matters related to maternity services and midwifery practice
  • Where the outcomes of the discussions related to maternity services and midwifery practice can be formulated into a consensus of opinion
  • Where policy makers at a national level can seek consultation and expert professional opinion from a senior midwifery perspective
  • Of expertise which can advise on policy and influence the strategic direction of maternity services at a national level
  • Of expert senior midwives who work collaboratively with key stakeholders to promote the midwifery profession at a national, regional and local level
  • Open to debate and discussion regarding the implications of policy decisions made, which affect maternity services at a local, regional and national level
  • Where expert knowledge and ideas can be shared for the benefit of mothers, fathers and the wider family
  • Where the membership values the development of future midwifery leaders and helps to shape the leadership of the future
  • Where the outcomes of the above activities are used to inform the work of the RCM in England.

Email jacque.gerrard@rcm.org.uk for further information.


Student midwives forum

The RCM student midwives forum (SMF) debates and discusses issues affecting student midwives at local and national levels to inform the work of the RCM on behalf of student midwife members. Meetings are held three times a year and are made up of members who are elected by fellow student midwife members of the RCM.

Membership of the SMF consists of representatives, elected by the RCM student membership, from each of the four countries in the UK. The group is chaired by a student midwife member and supported by RCM staff.
The SMF leads the RCM student midwives’ conference each year, identifying issues of interest and concern to student midwives and uniquely contributing to the programme.

The SMF is currently reviewing the way it works to ensure that it continues to effectively network with student midwife members. A virtual reference group will be set up to include a representative from each university/midwifery society to make sure everyone has their voice heard. It has also been identified that an alumni of past SMF members would be invaluable in supporting the transition from student midwife to midwife.

Student midwife members will be informed of vacancies and invited to self nominate. To find out who the latest student midwife members are, click here.

Email denise.linay@rcm.org.uk for further information.