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RCM Dilemma Debate

Date: 28 June, 2017 18:00
Venue: TUC Congress Centre, London

RCM Dilemma Debate

Equality for all or choice for some? Are pressures on healthcare exacerbating the inverse care law?

The RCM invites you to join with a range of experts and practitioners to debate whether the current pressures on the NHS are eroding the ideal of choice and personalised healthcare for all, to the extent that only those with the sharpest elbows and loudest voices are able to exercise choice and control over their care? In the context of policy developments, such as personalised maternity budgets, the panel will also consider the extent to which it is possible to give everybody choice while also ensuring equitable access to services.

Reasons to attend

  • To gain an understanding of how financial pressures on health and social care are impacting on the ability to increase choice and personalisation of services 
  • To consider the evidence in support of the proposition that choice and personalisation are rights that should be available to all as opposed to the charge that choice is only a reality for a minority of affluent and articulate service users
  • To hear from practitioners about how recent initiatives, such as personalised maternity budgets, will work in practice and what impact this will have on issues such as choice and equitability of service provision

Come and join us for what promises to be a lively and stimulating debate!


Sue Bookbinder - Journalist, Panel Chair

Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent OBE -Head of Maternity, Children & Young People, NHS England

Catherine McClennan - Programme Director, Maternity and Gynaecology, Cheshire and Merseyside Women's and Children's Partnership

Rebecca Schiller - Chief Executive, Birthrights

Zoe Williams - Journalist, The Guardian 

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