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Continuity of carer

Continuity of carer

The provision of care by a known midwife throughout the pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period can be associated with improved health outcomes for the mother and baby, and also greater satisfaction levels.

“It would require imaginative management and a reorganisation of resources to provide this style of care, but will save money in terms of more normal births and less damaged mothers and babies.” (quoted by midwife in King’s Fund, 2008).

Click this link to find read the document in full. 

Brief scoping continuity of care

The brief scoping continuity of care evidence base was commissioned by the RCM, and outlines the evidence regarding the impact of models of continuity of care with a focus on evidence from the UK to inform NHS England guidelines for maternity commissioning. Click here to view the document in full. 




Essential videos on the continuity of carer

Lesley Page, RCM President talks about the importance of continuity of care and the relationship between midwives and women


Jude Jones, Rachel Rees and Kim Tebay give their take on continuity based on their experience as part of the Royton and Shaw Team

Get involved

We are in the process of developing resources to support the implementation of midwifery-led continuity of carer models within maternity. If you would like more information or if you would like to get involved, please complete our form on this page.