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Social Partnership

Social Partnership

Partnership Working

The RCM engages with all major topics affecting the future of midwifery and seeks to engage in a high standard partnership working.

In partnership we seek to:

  • Influence national priorities and policy on health issues
  • Ensure the principles of partnership are practised
  • Develop partnership working through evidence based practices
  • Promote the principle of partnership at all levels, including the development of Partnership Forums at local level

Partnership places specific responsibility on management, trade unions and governments to work together to provide common solutions to the issues they may face in the workplace.

It requires an openness, honesty and commitment to share information in a transparent manner in order to comply and adhere to the process.

It requires a substantial and sustained commitment by management and trade unions to seek genuine consensus on issues that affect employee/employer relationships.

In a partnership environment all staff have the right to be fully informed and involved at the earliest possible stage in matters relating to their working lives. All staff contributions are to be recognised and respected.


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