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Charlene encourages students to #GetYourTweetOn

Charlene encourages students to #GetYourTweetOn

Charlene Cole, a Student Midwife at Coventry University has been leading a Twitter campaign, #GetYourTweetOn, to encourage more RCM Student Members, Student Midwives and Midiwfery Lecturers to get involved the discussion online.Charlene shares with us her inspiration for the campaign.

I came up with the #GetYourTweetOn when I started on my mission to recruit more students, lecturers, heads of midwifery etc to twitter. I see it as a key learning tool that will innovate midwifery education. I presented about twitter as an innovative learning method at the RCM's Education Conference in Glasgow this year and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

The beauty of twitter is that it breaks down barriers between disciplines and smashes the hierarchy, so as a student I have had dialogue on twitter with Lesley Page, my head of midwifery,  Sheena Byrom, to name but a few. It's a great leveller that has opened so many doors to me, and I want all students to have this positive experience! My aim is to have the #GetYourTweetOn flyer included in all new registrant's packs and to be embedded in midwifery curricula so that we can align and bring together all of the midwifery societies: as a union of students we are powerful. 

So what are you waiting for?

Start following @RCM_SMF and #GetYourTweetOn 

Download the #GetYourTweetOn resources

Click on the link to access resources for your Twitter account and to spread the word at your university midwifery society.

#GetYourTweetOn A4 poster

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Want to know more? 

For further information about the RCM SMF, contact RCM head of organising and engagement Denise Linay at: denise.linay@rcm.org.uk or on: 0300 303 0444. 

More information about joining the RCM as a Student Member can be found at: www.rcm.org.uk/core-membership