The Be Inspired study day

By Rae Trotter - RCM Senior Organiser (Learning) on 20 November 2018 RCM Branches

A 'Be Inspired' study day took place at Wolverhampton University on 2 November. This was organsied by midwives from Dudley hopsital who wanted to raise staff morale within their unit. There were excellent speakers including the world famous Michel Odent.

Commenting on the day, student midwife Toni Mander, said: "The Normalising Breastfeeding display was organised by the Baby Friendly Student Ambassadors, who were inspired to create the normalising breastfeeding display after attending the RCM conference.

"With the help of our midwifery lecturer Sophie Finnerty, we undertook the task of obtaining artwork and photos of breastfeeding from midwives, students, support workers, friends and externally from people across the globe, with pictures from America, Australia and New Zealand as well as the UK.

"This display was designed to raise awareness and normalise breastfeeding by exposing people within the university to breastfeeding so when they have children themselves it is something they regard as normal. Normalising breastfeeding will hopefully increase breastfeeding rates within the UK.

"The Baby Friendly Student Ambassadors are a new role, they are a group of passionate student midwives from all cohorts, from all 5 trusts the students attend, they are a link between the university and the trust to promote the sharing of best practice and knowledge to promote the support of women and the uptake of breastfeeding within the local area, whilst improving the quality of education regarding breastfeeding."