Swansea Bay IDM celebrations

on 05 May 2021 RCM Branches

The celebrations for IDM in Swansea bay started off with a virtual coffee morning at 10. This was a drop in coffee morning to chat about all things not work related.

It was well attended by 20 staff and despite it not supposed to be work related, however we had many funny stories from some of the more mature midwives that had us in fits of laughter. Just what the doctor ordered!!

We are trying to persuade one of the midwives to write a short book about her experiences as a midwife and it will be titled “life beyond the crossbow” after her several involvements with crossbows.

A bag was provided for the coffee morning that contained tea bags and biscuits. Members shielding, having their coffee break on the ward as well as members on days off all attended.

The feedback from the coffee morning was positive and the branch are looking to hold more of these in the future.

Throughout the day we had messages of thanks on our Facebook page and Instagram, these were from members of the branch committee, specialist midwives and the Chief executive of Swansea Bay.

For everyone that liked these pages and for the members that attended the coffee morning, they were entered into a free raffle. This was drawn the following day and announced on our social media platforms.

These gifts have been well received by the winning recipients.

One of our members also put together a 10 min relaxation video which was put on our platforms. Again it was well received.

For all staff working on IDM they received a goodie bag which contained bath bombs, candle and chocolate. The bath bombs were made by one of our MSW daughter Amelia who is only 7 and has started up her own little business.

The committee worked extremely hard to put this all together while all having busy lives and jobs but felt that the day went really well.

Hopefully this will encourage more members to get involved.