RCM Wales Branches - Caring for You in challenging times

on 31 March 2020 RCM Branches

Local Branches across the Wales, together with their colleagues and with the support of local businesses are keeping spirits up across the service during these very challenging times.

Some very positive stories from across Wales are emerging of the amazing support for each other, including:

Cardiff RCM Branch doing their bit to help protect their staff (C4Y).

Cardiff RCM Branch continues to be active on the Health and Safety front especially with all the concerns regarding Covid-19. The branch had a supply of RCM antibacterial gel and pens so safely bagged them up and sent them out to front line staff out on the community. These were gratefully received by the teams. Thank you to everyone for all the hard work.

Cardiff and Vale Health Charity

The Health charity all staff haven at the sports and social club UHW is open for staff to relax, grab a drink or something to eat. Thank you to all who have supported this.

Lovely fresh lunches are also available from @waterlootea. #spreadthelove

Hand creams donated to Midwives in Cardiff

"In this mad, crazy world we’re in right now, I would like to do something nice and give back to our amazing NHS staff . I would love to be able to donate as many hand creams as possible to the hospital. Their hands will be extra sore with all the additional sanitising and a nice hand cream might just make their hands a bit softer & let them know we’re thinking of them. I am looking for people to “sponsor” a hand cream from me, which I will donate. Each hand cream will have a thank you sticker on it.  For every 4 hand creams donated, I will add an extra one to the bag from my commission so I am NOT making any money personally.
In a world where you can be anything, be kind!  If you work in the NHS I thank you for all your incredible work. 26 have so far been sponsored and more are on the way"

Indian supplied for staff at UHW

Evening curry delivery kindly donated from a Celebrity Curry House on Caerphilly Road as a show of appreciation for the tireless work of the maternity staff. Please be assured that the food was NOT consumed in the clinical area it was just a show of appreciation.

UHW food donated

The New House Hotel in Thornhill kindly donated a a selection of yummy dishes to the maternity unit at UHW. The donation was greatly appreciated by the staff.

Powys Caring for their Staff in busy times (C4Y).

Powys branch have been busy looking after their staff during this busy time. They have put out 9 Caring for You boxes in all their birth centres. Powys has unique challenges as it is very rural and geographically it is hugely spread out covering central Wales.

There were messages left with each box;

These supplies are for you to use in emergencies, such as if you’ve been out all night and have been unable to get food. As supplies get used, please rate them 1-5 and tick if they need to be re-ordered.”