RCM Southern Sector Branch WHSCT

on 07 April 2020 RCM Branches

The Worry Tree

 During this difficult time with COVID-19 amongst us we have acquired a whole new level of worries and fears surrounding this. Our services are having to step up even more than before and we need to make sure our minds are clear so we can focus on the professional job we have to do each day at work.

Many of us share the same thoughts and feelings in this, so to off load this, put your worries on the tree before each shift if they are not already there. Worries are real and it is a feeling we sometimes can’t control. Be aware that we are all here to support each other through this.

Read or add to the positivity messages surrounding the tree and re-frame you mind-set with the positivity which you can control. We have an amazing team that are all here to support each other.

The Trust has also provided professional support if you feel you may need that and the numbers are here for you to use.

It’s not about the amount of times you got knocked down that matters…. It’s the amount of times you got back up again that counts.

Stay Safe


The RCM Southern Sector Branch WHSCT

The Worry Tree was made & donated by Local Artist: - Donna Bannon