Croydon RCM Branch Celebrates "Superhero" Support Workers in Maternity

By Nick Child, Senior Organiser (Networks) on 23 January 2018 MSWs - Maternity Support Workers

Last November, the Royal College of Midwives celebrated the role of Maternity Support Workers—whatever their job title—during a month of celebration events across the UK under the banner of #RCMMSWMonth. This initiative raised awareness of the crucial role they play in maternity services and was also a way of saying thank you to all their hard work and support.

The Croydon RCM Branch celebrated their MSWs with a superhero theme and an awards ceremony, which was a huge success in the trust. There was a national competition for the best events and the London region prize of £250 of branch funding was snapped up by their local branch.

Overall, MSW Month was a massive success. Alongside well over 100 local events in trusts across the country, there was also a large social media awareness campaign that reached out to many thousands of people.

The RCM welcomes support workers in maternity (Bands 1 – 4) into our membership for just £8.99 per month - that includes MSWs, HCAs, MAs, MCAs, nursery nurses, community support workers or those in administration roles in maternity.