Caring for you boxes Northwick Park

on 12 November 2020 RCM Branches

Over lockdown sadly our emergency supply boxes in our staff rooms had been depleted, I am glad to say we have re stocked and are hoping to involve everyone in the stocking and sharing process.

There are three boxes, MLU (low risk ward), Labour ward, and the high risk unit.

They contain the type of supplies you might need if you were caught out or your shift over ran.

  • Tooth brushes & toothpaste
  • Sanitary products
  • Breakfast and snack bars
  • Tissues
  • Cup soups
  • Porridge pots
  • Contact details for RCM headquarters
  • Contact details for our trust well-being EAP.
  • Details of legal service at RCM.

They have been very popular and staff do add bits to them. I hope this is encouraging to other branches, details of this facility was sent out via our Facebook group and a sign on the box itself, in the staff room.

Chris Sunderland. H&S and well-being Activist