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Birth Trauma Resolution, certified practitioner training programme

Venue: Northampton

Birth Trauma Resolution, certified practitioner training programme


As a birth professional, when you are considering finding a training programme that gives you the necessary skills to treat Birth Trauma/PTSD you want to find a course provider that offers you training of the highest standard. After all, incorrect trauma treatment can lead to unnecessary suffering for your patient.

By choosing this innovative training course you can feel confident that your training provider has selected outstanding tools and techniques that have a long history of proven success in bringing about an ending to the horrendous suffering of Birth trauma including PTSD. For a single trauma, results can often be achieved in 1 – 2 sessions.

These tools and techniques are backed up by the latest findings in neuroscience so you will learn exactly how and why they achieve the outstanding results they do. Nobody wants to hear ‘Well they just work.’ Highly trained birth professionals can and should insist on a sound explanation of how the brain processes trauma and can be supported by intervention.

Jenny Mullan, a highly successful birth trauma specialist herself, has developed a 3-month training programme, including 6 live teaching days with supportive online/home study modules. This course offers a level of training that ensures all birth professionals are confident to diagnose and treat birth trauma and PTSD. Students will be offered various highly effective tools and techniques, including the Human Givens ‘rewind’ technique so that they can design individual treatment plans for patients. This includes offering treatment for single and multiple, subthreshold trauma and PTSD.

Jenny Mullan has spent thousands of hours treating trauma patients and has taken these tools and techniques to the next level. She is delighted to bring her deep understanding and invaluable insights to this training course, founded on the countless hours spent treating trauma patients. You can feel confident that this knowledge hasn’t come from a textbook but from many hours of observing how clients respond to treatment. Undertaking training to become a certified ‘Birth Trauma Resolution’ practitioner will offer you the chance to do a job that can truly change the lives of those suffering with birth trauma/PTSD in the most dramatic and satisfying way.

So what can you hope to gain from coming on this training course?

  • The use of two methods of assessment to help diagnose trauma and formulate a treatment plan.
  • Fast and effective, well tried and tested tools and techniques to treat single and multiple trauma.
  • A five minute, first aid trauma technique.
  • The secret to recognising when a client is presenting with multiple traumas, even when they haven’t disclosed it.
  • How to plan follow up treatment sessions to support a fast return to mental health.
  • How to help your clients make lifestyle adjustments to maintain emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Regular supervision and support as you begin treating patients that continues after you have qualified.

Human Givens Institute of psychotherapy and counselling is delighted that the course has been recognised as a training programme in its own right and have awarded it two modules towards the Human Givens Diploma. 

Due to the nature of this work students are offered 12 weeks of supervised practice during the training programme followed by regular bi-monthly supervision and support, once they have qualified. 

Having passed the necessary practical and theoretical assessments they can apply for professional indemnity insurance ensuring they are fully protected and covered to treat patients, whether they decide to practice within the NHS or privately.

On completion of the course, students will be able to go on the Birth Trauma Resolution register.


There are several payment options:

  • A one off full payment of £1497
  • A deposit of £400 plus 3 additional monthly payments of £385 ( the full payment is to be received by week 6 of the training programme)

Students can pay by Cheque, BACS or PayPal or I can invoice the Trust.


Please contact me directly via phone or email to book on the course.

I don’t take bookings online as I like to have a chat with all students who come on this course.

Telephone : 0845 6522271

Email info@birthtraumaresolution.com

Further information:

For more information, including course curriculum please visit the  Birth Trauma Resolution website

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