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Achieving normality

Achieving normality

Achieving normal births for majority of women and normalising the process of birth for all women regardless of the type of labour and birth they will experience is our focus. Getting the best care during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and the postnatal period can be linked to short and long term health and social benefits to mothers, children, families and communities. We are continuing the Campaign for Normal Births as part of the RCM Better Births Initiative.


Birth place decisions: Information for women and partners on planning where to give birth

This is an excellent guide to help women with uncomplicated pregnancies, on the green pathway or identified as low risk make an informed choice about where to give birth.

Produced by Kirstie Coxon from King's College London, this guide also provides the evidence base in an easy to understand format covering outcomes for obstetric units, alongside and freestanding midwifery units and home birth services for first baby separately to second, third or fourth baby. To read the document in full click here.

Source: Birth place decisions: Information for women and partners of where to give birth 





A policy of maximising normality

The graphic outlines the integration of different services for achieving normality.

Click here to read more about achieving normality.





Optimal Cord Clamping

Visit the optimal cord clamping resource page here.