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Discussing weight during pregnancy booklet

Supporting women to manage their weight during pregnancy can have huge benefits for both mother and baby, but discussing a woman’s weight can sometimes be difficult. The Discussing weight during pregnancy booklet, created through the partnership between Slimming World and the RCM, is designed to help you discuss a woman’s weight and possible weight-related risks during her pregnancy. It contains a chart which can be used to show pregnant women what their weight at booking means in terms of weight-related risks during pregnancy. The wording next to the chart has been carefully written to provide pointers for discussion and is specifically designed to help you discuss the issues with tact and sensitivity in a non-judgemental way. We hope this is useful to your clinical practice. Printed copies of the resource can be requested at public.health@slimming-world.com.
Following feedback from some midwives working with women whose BMI lies outside the existing chart, we have created an extended version of the chart. 

Slimming World/RCM website

Slimming world and the RCM have created a website together to help women successfully manage their weight before, during and after one of the most exciting events in their lives. The website contains helpful advice for mothers who are trying for a baby, are already pregnant or you have a new baby. The website contains information about eating well, staying active, living a healthier lifestyle and managing weight. can bring many benefits. To access the website, log on to www.slimmingworld.com/rcm/

Slimming world cards for mothers
Midwives can order Slimming World cards to give to mothers who are interested in finding out more about Slimming World.

To order the cards, complete your details here.
The weight management organisation, with more than 12,000 UK groups meeting weekly, is working in partnership with the RCM to raise awareness in supporting pregnant women and breastfeeding mums in managing their weight.
Slimming World is the only national weight management organisation that supports pregnant and breastfeeding women and, with the consent and ongoing recommendation of their midwife or GP, actively works with women to address weight issues.
“We don’t encourage weight loss or ‘dieting’ during pregnancy – instead we support women to adopt a balanced, healthy diet to prevent excess weight gain; we also help mums to manage their weight healthily following the birth of their child, while breast-feeding,” said Caryl Richards, Slimming World’s managing director “Joining the RCM Alliance is a tremendous opportunity to ensure pregnant women get the right information and advice, during and after pregnancy and that midwives continue to be supported in the outstanding work they do.”
For more information visit www.slimmingworld.com/health