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  • Raising FGM awarenessIt is sadly during the summer holidays that a young girl or woman may be subjected to the harmful practice of female genital mutilation (FGM)...
  • Insurance for independent midwivesI retired from the NHS after 37 years and I am aware of the unnecessary stress placed on our NHS midwives, and that our beloved NHS workforce is a dedicated group of professionals trying to offer a sustainable maternity service...
  • Midwife just retiredI have just completed my last night shift and attended my last birth, 32 years after qualifying as a midwife. I would like to pay tribute to the fantastic maternity staff working for Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The senior midwifery management team are very fortunate to have such a dedicated workforce...
  • Smoking in pregnancyI refer to an article by Carmel O'Gorman, 'Dying for a Cigarette' (Midwives Issue 7 :: 2011). Reference was made to the BBC programme Misbehaving Mums to Be and a new, hard-hitting approach developed to target women who choose to continue smoke during pregnancy...
  • Midwives needed for studyI am a palliative care clinical nurse specialist and a MSc student and I am currently undertaking a grounded theory study looking at the day of birth from the perspective of midwives and the day of death from the perspective of palliative care nurses...