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Welcome to this exciting addition to the RCM website. Scroll down and watch exclusive interviews conducted by the Midwives team.

Lesley Page: President elect

Issue 2 :: 2012 (March/April)

The RCM's new president elect Lesley Page talks to Midwives magazine about her aspirations for her new role.

Andy Burnham: shadow health secretary

Issue 7 :: 2011 (November/December)

Politically it's a tough time for midwifery, with staff shortages and controversial health reforms looming large on the horizon. Midwives asks Andy Burnham about the burning issues.

Professor Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran

Issue 4 :: 2011 (June)

The former RCOG president talks to Midwives about long associations with midwifery and the principles of good teamwork on the labour ward.

Marie Washbrook 

Issue 3 :: 2011 (May 2011)

Programme director of Birthrate Plus Marie Washbrook talks to Midwives about the Birthrate Plus tool – a methodology for workplace planning and strategic decision-making in maternity services – and how it has helped the profession.

Zoe Vowles 

Issue 1 :: 2011 (January/February 2011)

Health Poverty Action's Zoe Vowles describes her rewarding and surprising experiences  taking midwifery skills to a remote district of Sierra Leone. Read more about Zoe here.

Cathy Warwick
(December 2010)

The last few weeks have been busy ones with the publication of a draft of new government policies. Key announcements have been made, including on pay and how maternity services are to be commissioned. Listen to find out more and to hear direct from the RCM general secretary Cathy Warwick about what the RCM has to say.

Mary Cronk

(Midwives magazine: December 2010)

Independent midwife Mary Cronk talks to Midwives about what has motivated and inspired her through more than half a century of practice.

Sue Macdonald

(Midwives magazine: September 2010)

RCM Awards judge Sue Macdonald explains the shortlisting process, how to enter and tips on what to submit.

Dame Lorna Muirhead

(Midwives magazine: August 2010)

Listen to former RCM president and NMC conduct and competence committee panellist Dame Lorna Muirhead talk about her experiences at the NMC.

Cathy Warwick

Listen to RCM general secretary Cathy Warwick address the issues affecting the profession at the moment.

Hi, I have just listened to the videos featuring Lorna Muirhead and Cathy Warwick and I am emailing to say congratulations on this new venture.

The videos were informative, focused, relevant, just long enough to maintain interest and very topical.

I will certainly be directing my students and colleagues to them. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

This is a really effective way of reaching the midwifery community.

Shelagh Heneghan

Marie Shelagh Heneghan (30/07/2010 15:04:46)

Congratulations on this new communications initiative. In our new climate of careful housekeeping for our limited resources, utilizing new information and communications technology is absolutely key to finding a way forward. I foresee a future where we rely less on large conferences meetings and events and move to the talking heads, web enabled meetings, video conferencing etc.

Young people are entirely comfortable with the social networking and media tools that are now freely available. Those of us who have been working in the NHS and in the profession for a fair few years are not so familiar.

So, well done for bringing this excellent example of clear and impactful communications to the members of the RCM.

I shall look forward to hearing more interviews in the future

Julie Tindale
National Clinical Lead for Midwifery, NHS Connecting for Health

Julie Tindale (07/09/2010 10:48:08)

I thought this was a really effective way of getting the message across and look forward to seeing more in the future.

Christine Lynch (23/10/2010 14:58:18)

Excellent form of communication in the 21st century!! There should be more, on the RCM website like this will tell other colleges. Hard working community midwife, Cheshire.

Zita Gregory (18/11/2010 21:13:41)

Mary Cronk is a total inspiration. How about posting a video of her teaching breech birth?

Amanda Kate Wyatt (02/12/2010 18:09:58)

Wonderful idea and congratulations. It is very informative and relevant to all midwives. Looking forward to more future interviews. Thank you.

Lucy Wheelhouse (24/12/2010 00:44:26)

I thought as I listened to the various clips, what a brilliant idea. I was particularly moved listening to Mary Cronk's experiences and inspired by her message to us all...not to give up. Well done RCM, this is a great initiative.

Lesley Price (04/02/2011 10:45:42)

I have enjoyed the videos esp Cathy Warwick and Mary Cronk as I am preparing for some interviews, very good information and interesting to see timeline of midwifery practice from Mary.

elina mapfumo (16/03/2011 16:09:15)

Thank you to Mary Cronk for giving us an insight into her experience of being a midwife. At 51, I have secured a place at University to study for a midwifery degree, and Mary's words of 'never give up' will stay with me on my journey. What a truly inspiring woman!

Karen Norris (05/04/2011 11:21:53)

I have thoroughly enjoyed these interviews. I enjoyed hearing Sir Arul talking about his relationship with midwives and his positon on normal birth, midwifery units and home birth, and hearing from Cathy about political developments and the RCM's position in relation to them. It would be useful if each interview title or introduction included the date the interview was recorded, partly for the long-term record and partly so as to provide the necessary temporal context. I look forward to listening to many more and hope you will post new ones. Something on the PEARLS research would be good.

Mary Newburn (29/06/2011 21:23:55)

Hi Mary, we're glad you like the videos! Thank you for the feedback, we've now added dates on all the videos.
Many thanks
Rhea Johnson, Midwives magazine

Rhea Johnson (01/07/2011 11:57:08)