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Scroll down for reviews of books and products of interest to maternity staff, including previous product pages featured in Midwives.

Book reviews

  • Theory for Midwifery Practice (2nd edition) Theory for Midwifery Practice (2nd edition)This is an important book. Midwives are constantly developing, testing and applying theories, and the degree to which this becomes a conscious process is a central concern of both this and the first edition (Bryar, 1995).
  • Prenatal tests and ultrasound Prenatal tests and ultrasoundThe simplicity of the layout and explanations makes this perfect for the interested layman; whereas the thoroughness of the subjects covered means it acts perfectly as an aide for students and newly qualified midwives.
  • Sacred Pregnancy Sacred PregnancyThis slightly esoteric (American) resource is based around journaling a pregnancy. Each chapter reflects a week of pregnancy, focusing briefly on fetal development, hormones and body changes, guiding the woman through the 'process' [sic] of pregnancy. There is space in the 40 chapters for the reader to jot down thoughts and emotions, reflections and ideas.


  • Optyse (lens free ophthalmoscope) Optyse (lens free ophthalmoscope)The new Optyse promises to be a novel and economic alternative to the traditional opthalmascope. It is a sleek, neat and portable design, and does not have an actual lens (versus the several that are in the traditional ophthalmoscope).
  • Mepiform® MepiformMepiform is a thin and discreet dressing for treating scars. No extra fixation is needed. Mepiform conforms to body contours and can be worn in daily activities.
  • Mediband® MedibandMediband is an identity wristband worn to inform of an individual's food or drug allergies, medical conditions or if pregnant.