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The NMC hikes annual fee to £100

Posted: 15 October 2012 by Rob Dabrowski

The NMC council has today (25 October) voted to increase its annual registration fee to £100 a year.

The decision to increase the fee by 32% was made at a meeting of its council, whose members were unanimous in agreement.

The council also accepted £20m from the government and it was decided that an annual review of the registration fee figure will be carried out.

Members of the council voiced their disappointment over the increase, but called it ‘the least bad option’.

Louise Silverton, RCM director for midwifery, said: ‘The RCM has worked hard to get the best possible result for its members.

‘We are pleased that we’ve achieved something by lobbying for the £20m grant from the government that the NMC has accepted.

‘Many of the NMC council members took on-board our concerns about the effects the fee increase will have, particularly on who those only work a few hours a week and on newly qualified midwives.

‘No one is happy to see an increase, but the NMC has committed to an annual review of the situation will allow us to see if the NMC’s assumptions about its finances are accurate. The NMC’s suggestion that fees could go down if predictions aren’t as they expect is welcome.’

In the three-hour meeting Louise asked the council if the impact the increase would have on part-time and student members had been considered.

It was decided that at future meetings the council would discuss whether a tiered fee system could be considered.

The £100 increase was one of four options on the table – keeping the fee at £76, increasing to £120, or increasing to £95 for one year and then to £105 the following year.

NMC chair Mark Addison said: ‘It seems that we have a consensus. Not an enthusiastic consensus, but a consensus.

‘Everybody has said that this is a difficult decision to take and it’s tough in the current economic context.

‘It is a decision that we take reluctantly, but confronted with the information that we’ve got, I don’t think that we have any choice.’

The new fee is expected to be implemented on February 1 next year.