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New guidance sets focus on quality

Posted: 21 December 2012 by Rob Dabrowski

The NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA) has published planning guidance for NHS trust boards for the coming year.

New guidance
It is called Toward High Quality, Sustainable Services: Planning Guidance for NHS Trust Boards for 2013/14.

The guidance sets out the expectations for what NHS Trusts will deliver in the coming year.

It also covers how the NHS TDA will support them to achieve high quality and sustainable care for the patient and communities they serve.
As the first major publication by the NHS TDA, the guidance sets out how it will create local teams to NHS trusts directly to deliver high quality, sustainable services.
At the heart of the new organisation will be a 50-strong locally and nationally-based clinical and quality team.

It will work alongside delivery, finance, performance and communications teams to support NHS Trust Boards to focus on delivering high quality services for the patients and communities they serve.
David Flory, NHS TDA chief executive, said: ‘The challenge for every NHS trust board is to deliver high quality and sustainable services for the patients and communities they serve and the guidance we’re publishing today sets out our ambition for the sector to deliver this.
‘We know the challenges are greater for some NHS Trust Boards than others and that’s why in designing the NHS TDA we’ve been created teams that will support NHS trusts to improve on key areas such as quality, business planning, communication and finance.’
He continued: ‘[The guidance] sets out the responsibilities on each NHS trust board and the NHS TDA to create the environment for NHS Trusts to succeed: the structures and the systems we need to put in place, the behaviours we need to demonstrate and the aspirations and ambitions we need to share.’

David concluded that achieving this will ‘help to improve the quality of care’ and ‘create the platform to deliver services sustainably’.

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