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MPs urged to oppose pay cartel

Posted: 6 November 2012 by Rob Dabrowski

A letter from Cathy Warwick voicing concerns about the regional pay cartel in the south west has been sent to all MPs in the region.

Cathy Warwick
Cathy, the RCM chief executive, asks MPs to oppose and speak out against regional pay in the NHS at a debate on the issue tomorrow (7 November).
The letter states: ‘We are extremely concerned that trusts that move away from national agreements so that they can pay staff less could damage recruitment and retention of desperately needed midwives in your area.

‘It should be remembered that the south west is a net importer of NHS professionals; making the region less competitive therefore will discourage healthcare workers from elsewhere from coming to work in the NHS in the South West, leading to shortages.’
The letter points out that midwives have had two years of pay freezes, are facing a pay cap of 1% for the next two years.

It also stresses that they will see pension contributions rise from 6.5% to an expected 9.3% in just three years.

All of this means that midwives are experiencing a real-terms pay cut, writes Cathy.

The news comes as the RCM holds a series of meeting with midwives across the region about the pay cartel.

The issue will also be discussed at the RCM’s workplace representative conference in Brighton, which takes place next week.