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RCM branches give AFC changes the nod

Posted: 15 February 2013 by Rob Dabrowski

An overwhelming majority of RCM branches have voted to accept the proposed changes to Agenda for Change (AFC).

RCM branches give AFC changes the nod
The RCM’s consultation about proposed changes to AFC in England closed last week with 94% of branches and workplaces voting to accept the changes.

A total of 70 branches and workplaces responded in the consultation out of 147.
Jon Skewes, RCM director of policy, employment relations and communications, said: ‘These proposals, the result of extensive negotiation, represent the most effective way of providing stability and protecting AFC as a national system of pay, terms and conditions in the NHS.
‘Midwives believe that supporting these national changes is better than risking individual or groups of employers making their own changes to terms and conditions, therefore moving away from having a UK wide system.

‘RCM branches have taken a pragmatic step to protect a national structure of pay, terms and conditions.’
The consultation ran from Friday 11 January to Monday 4 February through the RCM branch structure.

RCM branches and workplaces in England held meetings during this period to discuss the proposals and members could also respond individually if they were unable to attend the meeting.

The RCM will now be supporting the adoption of the changes to NHS staff contracts in England contained in the review at the NHS Staff Council on 26 February 2013.