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In-depth papers

The latest research papers submitted to Midwives magazine. These papers are not published in the print version of the magazine. Scroll down for international in-depth papers. 

  • An exploration of women's views of pictorial representations of breastfeeding: an RCM Ruth Davies research bursary-funded studyThe study addresses the apparent lack of research into socially and culturally sensitive pictorial representations of breastfeeding. It explores the views of pregnant women and new mothers on a range of breast- and bottle-feeding images.
  • The midwifery lecturer practitioner in practiceThis paper explores the interface between midwifery and education at one London NHS Trust through the experiences of a lecturer practitioner.
  • A review of baby skin careThis paper will describe a brief overview of the skin and its functions, compare the skin of a full term newborn baby to that of adult skin and will then discuss the current evidence and opinions of experts to support best practice for baby skin care. This information will then assist the authors to develop a list of good practice guidelines for midwives to use to inform and support parents in making a choice as to what they think is best for their newborn baby.
  • New midwifery students' views of their future roleMidwifery is an ever-changing profession, whose public image may be at variance with the reality of the role. Different approaches and priorities have resulted in midwives practising in very different ways, and with differing philosophies of care
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 International papers

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