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Accreditation framework

Framework for professional development and lifelong learning

The purpose of this accreditation framework is not to award academic credits, but to accredit activities relevant to midwifery practice that midwives have undertaken as part of their professional development/lifelong learning in order to meet their Prep (NMC, 2008) requirements and or enhances care provided by student midwives and maternity support workers. This framework will be a benchmark for members and providers of continuing professional development (CPD) programmes, resources and events which can be used as a hallmark of effective resources.

It is anticipated that the resources accredited by The Royal College of Midwives Trust (RCMT) will:

  • reflect the needs of the maternity services and the users' involvement;

  • have the needs of midwives, student midwives and allied health professionals overtly expressed.

Criteria for accreditation
The application for accreditation must provide evidence of the organisations’ experience of providing CPD for midwives or other groups. The application should include
a profile of the organisation/team;

  • the designation of speakers on the programme and this should include at least one midwife;

  • a clear rationale of the intended aims and learning outcomes that demonstrate that there is a commitment to personal and professional development and enhancement of professional midwifery practice;

  • the length of the programme and the number of proposed hours of study/development;

  • the proposed quality assurance mechanisms;

  • if participants are to be selected for the programmes a copy of the selection criteria should be submitted.

Applying for accreditation
The RCM Trust accreditation team will review the information supplied. This could include appropriately qualified reviewers when necessary.

A fee is usually levied (see our Scale of Charges) for accreditation and takes into consideration the type and size of organisation applying for accreditation. If you would like to have your event considered for RCM accreditation please complete the application form and return to accreditation@rcm.org.uk

The final decision for accreditation rests with the RCMT team and may not be considered if the sponsoring organisation should not comply with the RCMT ethical code or is perceived to bring the reputation of the RCMT into disrepute.

The quality assurance process

  • The RCM Trust accreditation team will be responsible for the quality assurance of the accreditation process.

  • Accreditation of a programme will be for a maximum of three years.

  • Each accredited resource will submit an annual report, which reflects the participants’ experience.

  • Individual members of the accreditation team may during the period of accreditation observe the event.

  • The accreditation team will keep records of all accreditation.

  • Accreditation could be withdrawn from an organisation or team if at any period during the three years they the fall outside the criteria agreed for granting of RCMT accreditation.

  • Accredited resources will normally be listed on the RCM website.

  • An RCMT accreditation logo will be made available electronically for organisations for inclusion in marketing materials where agreed.A database of all accredited programmes will be kept by the RCM Trust.


The accreditation team will produce an annual report, which will be available to the Board of Trustees of the RCM Trust and the RCM Board.

For further information contact accreditation@rcm.org.uk