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Current Retirement Ages

The Government's final offer for the NHS Pension Scheme sets the retirement age of the 2015 scheme equal to members state pension age. As state pension age goes up so will the retirement age of the NHS pension scheme.
There are currently three retirement ages in the NHS: 55, 60 and 65.
Midwives who started with the NHS before March 1995 had special class status - the ability to retire at 55. Special class status ended in March 1995 so employees who started after this date do not have special class status. Midwives who left the NHS for a period of more than five years and restarted after 1995 lost their special class status.
The link below is a document produced by the NHS Pension Agency which explains special class status: http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Pensions/Documents/Pensions/Special_Class_Status_Member_FAQs.pdf 
NHS employees who started between March 1995 and April 2008 entered into the 1995 pension scheme, which has a retirement age of 60.
NHS employees who started after April 2008 entered into the 2008 pension scheme, which has a retirement age of 65. Anyone who took the choice to move to the 2008 pension scheme during the choice exercise has a retirement age of 65.