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Midwifery research database

The RCM research database contains information on current and completed midwifery research projects.

You can view all projects in a research category, or use keywords to select within a category. Click on the 'search' button to view all matching projects.

RCM members can submit research for inclusion in the database (Login to submit new research or edit an existing entry.) 

Search the database

Add/amend an entry

RCM members can submit new entries for inclusion in the database. To add a new entry, or edit or delete an existing entry, go to our database admin page.

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Can stress affect a unborn baby's sexuality?

Stress, smoking and drug-taking during pregnancy can raise the unborn baby’s chances of being gay. So says a new controversial bookWe are our brains by neuroscientist Professor Dick Swaab.

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Call the Midwife: why we love it

As the hotly anticipated third series of Call the Midwife hits our screens, our blogger looks at why it's won our hearts, both here and overseas.


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