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Anne Jackson-Baker

Anne Jackson-Baker has made an outstanding contribution to the Royal College of Midwives' overall vision and policy and the achievement of its strategic and operational goals.

Having trained as a State Registered Nurse in 1967, Anne fulfilled her long held ambition and trained as a midwife at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital qualifying in 1972.  She practised as a clinical midwife for 20 years then as a midwife teacher for 3 years. She joined the RCM in 1986 and became a member of the staff of the RCM in 1992 as Senior Professional Officer for the north of England.  She was appointed as the first Director of the RCM UK Board for England in 1994, a post she held until her retirement in 2006. Anne led two strategic RCM advisory groups: the Heads of Midwifery and the Education Advisory Group. Her wisdom served to guide the leaders of midwifery in England through some very stormy waters and her overarching knowledge of what was driving and influencing midwifery and midwives in England empowered them to help shape the future.

Anne's recent successes have been evident in her input to the NHS Midwifery Leadership Programme which developed the Midwifery Leadership and Competence Model and the RCM approved workforce planning tool, Birthrate Plus, which is providing much needed benchmark data on midwifery staffing levels. Additional to her very demanding role as Director of the Board for England, Anne was the midwife lead for the Association for Community Based Midwifery (ACBM) where her hard work & dedication helped to drive this multi professional group at a particularly politically sensitive time.

Anne was also the RCM link to MIDIRS and the Maternity Alliance and was an active participant in the successful bid to the Dept of Trade and Industry to develop IT communication with union members.

The Council is proud to include the name of Anne Jackson-Baker on the Register of Honorary Fellows of the RCM.

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