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Rise in Welsh caesarean section rates a concern says Royal College

Wednesday, 23rd February 2011

Helen Rogers, Wales Director of the Royal College of Midwives, said:  “The rise in the caesarean section rate is a cause for concern. We need to dig under these figures to find out why this is happening – particularly the rise in elective caesareans - so that we look for ways to reverse this trend.

“The Royal College of Midwives believes that a caesarean section should only be performed as a last resort because it is a medical intervention and should only be necessary if needed to protect the health and welfare of the mother and/or baby. It should never be the first line of thought for an expectant mother when considering options for childbirth. The RCM would only recommend a caesarean section if the mother and/or baby are facing a life threatening situation and a normal childbirth is not an option.” 

“Caesarean section is generally a very safe procedure and most women and their babies will have no adverse effects from having one.  Women should be aware however, that It is a major operation with potentially serious complications and long-tern effects for women and their babies.

“There is a real need to encourage more normal births and midwives are doing this. Midwives need to have the time to spend with women to discuss all the birth options available to them, and to offer them help and advice. There are many examples of this happening across the country, and I would like to see many more.”


For more information contact the RCM Press Office on 020 7312 3456, pressofficer@rcm.org.uk

Notes to editors

The Royal College of Midwives is the voice of midwifery. We are the UK’s only trade union and professional organisation led by midwives for midwives. The vast majority of the midwifery profession are our members. The RCM promotes midwifery, quality maternity services and professional standards. We support and represent our members individually and collectively in all four UK countries.  We influence on behalf of our members and for the interests of the women and families for which they care.  For more information visit the RCM website at www.rcm.org.uk.



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